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New old driver build
« on: November 09, 2020, 09:11:02 PM »
In harkening back to some of my old favorites, I have decided to get another 9.5 AF-105 head this winter. When I played it for a full season 😱 back in 2016 I had it with the then-new 661 Speeder Evo II in X flex and it was a great combo.

I initially considered rebuilding it exactly as a I played it like I did with the RomaRo 435/FEX combo I did this summer, but Iím swinging a little less aggressively than I was back then so probably gonna go with a 70g range S flex at a 44.5Ē build length.

One thing Iíve finally figured out after all my tinkering is that I simply do better with a shorter, heavier static weight club in my hands. This is the first time Iíve played a 44.5Ē driver (RomaRo) and it dramatically improved my consistency after I took that extra inch off. I hit my 3W great but famously get into some really bad funks with driver. And I think itís just that added 2Ē invites all kinds of trouble. 44.5Ē allows me to stand closer to the ball and swing more upright.

Over the last few years I had actually flattened my swing into more of a sweep which helped me with my woods but made me struggle nightly with irons and wedges. So after playing some really shitty golf the first half of the season, I went back to the drawing board and went all Moe Norman style with my swingómore upright with a compact single plane move using the big muscles in my core and taking my arms and hands out of it. The results were immediately positive.

So that gets me back to the AF-105 driver build. Have read a lot about Fuji Ventus shafts and they seem perfect for me on paper/reviews based on what Iíve had success with in the past. So was thinking a 70S at 44-44.5Ē.

But then I saw one on yaj that already had a Speeder SLK in it which is specifically made for shorter driver builds while maintaining normal swing weight. And thatís really tempting too. Only thing is it is a short driver build with a light shaft even though the swing weight is normal due to the balance of the shaft.

Guess Iíve some time to think it over more. 😬


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Re: New old driver build
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2020, 03:57:32 AM »
105 is a good head M.  Have heard good thngs about the SLK too.  Go for it.
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