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Gold's Factory Vadar


Just came in today.  Very clean for a used head and nice shallow face mill.  Feels soft but not gushy soft which I don;t like.

Will be reshafting it with my Stability Tour and if that dont work, I'll go back to my NS Pro XXIP.

Think I'll remove the paint fill from the cavity G as well.

So I got the stability shaft installed this morning and had several rolls on the mat (well... not matt.. too many severe breaks there.... ;D ok.. corny... yeah... 1 cob too many last night)

Vadar came with some Gauge Design shaft. No steps and looks like the XXIP.  Weight wise, a lot heavier than the Stability Tour which is 110 grams.  On the home mat, it rolled well and firmed up the feel a bit.  Let's hope I can get out soon with the government telling people they can start to work more from office.  Too many are working from the golf course...

Love this putter


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