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Just an update on the driver stash.  I've not added anything lately as nothing seems to interest me apart from the BB4 (both original and SB-01) and the Itobori Gen 2 drivers.

My swing also seems to have changed due to lack of play, less flexibility, loss in speed, age etc... I'm not as high spin high launch as I used to be as well. This seems to have prompted a switch to more of a mid face profile which I define as 53mm to 57mm.  I'm still better off with a mid kick profile shaft with a less active tip.

Have whittled down my stash to 6 drivers.  I actually still have the Proceed IX if anyone is interested.  A tad too low spin for me now with with the unintended swing change.

So here goes starting with the deeper faced drivers :

Itobori (59mm). Highly controversial and a lot of people think its fugly.  I love it together with all the itobori stuff.  This is the raw metal head which I have now shafted with a 7D SR shaft.  Frankly, I haven't hit this is about 5 months.  When I was playing frequently enough before covid, with another 7D stiff shaft (for sale by the way), it is my longest combo on pure hits.  Not the most forgiving head but not even close to the older Titty heads in terms of being demanding.

Design Tuning (59mm).  I was really surprised this is as deep as the Itobori as it really doesn't look it from any angle.  Looking like a Nike covert cast off as well, with the excellent Fujikura Diamond Speeder shaft, I'm hitting this probably the most consistently together with the Ryoma.  This has a bit of a firmer face feel, mid launch, runs a lot and has a mid twackish tone.

Ryoma Maxima II (56mm).  The original D1 was a game changer for me.  The subsequent models.. not bad but nothing transformational.  I don't see the same "D1 effect" with the latest iteration as well but its the most forgiving driver I have.  With the Fuji Diamond Speeder, this is a mid high launching head and a carry monster. It'll run some on a dry fairway but no where close to the DT or Ito.  Forgiveness wise, hands down this which is a standing Ryoma trait.  I hit this in 9.5 higher than the DT in 10.5 with the exact same shaft.  Sound wise, its a bit of a dull hollow sound but don't over exaggerate reading of the hollow description. 

GTD 455 (56mm).  Like the DT, this caught me by surprise as well as I was expecting it to be at least 59mm in face height.  Turns out, its more shallow. I have the very nice Crazy 9 Dia in it. As with many Crazy shafts of past, this plays at least a half flex stiffer than most other shaft flexes so go half to 1 flex down if you're looking to try one.  Mid launch, runs a ton and still the loudest JPS head.  Its a bright explosive ting sound at impact.  Forgiveness wise, this is up there as well.  I'm still deciding if Neutral or Neutral upright is best for me.  Changes every time I take it out.

Modart DS (56mm). This probably the oldest head in my stash.  I'm trying the Fuji DS now in this matte head and the head is still spinning a tad more than I like.  If anyone is interested in this, let me know.  I've got the original HC and can include a spare adapter.  This head though has a very nice feel and pitch and the finish is Modart standard.. very very good.

Jade Adller 460RX. (54mm). The most shallow faced driver which I have mated to a Sanki Planaria Blue Marble SR63 shaft.  Its a very neutral driver performance wise.  I would say mid to mid high launch.  Feel wise, the Sanki is a beautiful feeling shaft.  These guys are known more for their shaft finishes so I'm not sure if they make the shafts and if not, who makes it for them. Also have no clue what materials go into the shaft.  Its a very good performing shaft though.  Dispersion is good, its as long as the others in this head.  I need to find a grip now that goes wit the shaft. It has a used Phiten Perfect Pro in it now.  I may try the Xroz.

So that's it for the annual base update.  Don't think I'll be adding new drivers unless the Ito Gen 2 or one of the BB4s come up..

Awesome stuff there what a collection!

Again the GTD!!! I really would like to play a whole back from that brand - only if I would be a better golfer...

On my way home today dropped by a used shop and was looking at several of their drivers.

Maybe I should try it ...


--- Quote from: Sanader on September 25, 2020, 05:53:55 AM ---Again the GTD!!! I really would like to play a whole back from that brand - only if I would be a better golfer...

On my way home today dropped by a used shop and was looking at several of their drivers.

Maybe I should try it ...

--- End quote ---

The GTD 455 is forgiving head, long.. just JPS loud.  DAT55 face as well. You want to buy mine so I can get the GTD Angel-C? ;D


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