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So shorty after lifting of phase 2 lock down and the range and golf courses opening again, I got Rod our Muziik man to order me a DU handpicked to as close to 15* as possible.  I have one indicated to be 15.2*.

This is part of a long search to see if anything can displace the Proceed Ti-UT 15* which is by far, the longest serving club in my bag.  All clubs can change from round to round but not the Proceed.

The reason why the Proceed Ti-UT has been so hard to replace for me is... not many JDM UTs come in 15 and it must be a UT.  I cant hit FWs to save my life and the shorter length 15* UTs make it a lot simpler and even then I still can't hit it with never mind 100% certainty.  85* would be good as I can still top a shot with this club.

So I've read about the Muziik DU.  Japanese reviews are its super hot and known for distance.  I would tend to concur.  I also find it more forgiving than the Proceed Ti-UT.  Even though its a slightly thicker face profile, off the deck, it seems a tad more forgiving.

I had a Basileus Alpha FW65 in the Proceed followed by the Fuji DS FW6 and now a 7D which is on the market as its a tad stiff for me now.  IN the Muziik, I had a Fuji DS FW6, Crazy Boron and now back to the FuJi FW 6.  A much better fit for me in this particular head.

Feel wise, the Muziik is a lot better.  Explosive feeling.  The Proceed despite the DAT55 face always felt a bit persimon to me.

Still early days with the Muziik DU but it seems to match and on occasion exceed the Proceed for distance.

Very industrial looking and high quality. Kind of looks halfway between a hybrid and small FW. Glad itís working for you.

Top profile and overall size, it is bigger than the Proceed but not by much.  On the size spectrum, if the Proceed was 1 and the Ryoma UT was 5, I'd say the Muziik is a 2.

Yeah I think youíre right. Itís just a bit more bulbous near the toe.

I would have said more busty...


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