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September 2020 Board Updates!

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This year has been trying for all of us in varying ways and it has been hard on JDM Clubhouse as well. 

I started this site in April of 2013 as a place for JDM gear heads to discuss gear (and everything else) openly and honestly, without fear of being banned or shunned.  Since then I have had three kids, moved, taken a new career path, etc.  Golf in general has taken a back seat for me the last couple of years and the forum kind of went with it. 

I have been looking for someone to take it over for a long time, and I have to thank Rhody and wmclarenf1 for stepping up to keep the site going financially and administratively.  While I plan to remain active in the community, I will be stepping down as the primary admin and wmclarenf1 will assume that role. There are other changes in store that I will let those guys elaborate on as they develop.

It means a lot to me that this community is important enough to portions of the membership that they have chosen to not only resurrect it from the ashes, but to commit to taking steps to improve it in the process.  It's been a fun and crazy 7.5 years and I couldn't be happier that it will continue on for the foreseeable future!!!

I'm gonna ban you now Matt!    :o ;D. Seriously though, thanks for setting this up with several others.  It's been good to have this as an alternative.

Not sure what to do with this and although the traffic has gone down so much, I still view in terms of unbiased JDM content, this is perhaps the best resource out there (I think a large  chunk of the BS here is mine anyways ;D)  Like you, the JDM bug has subsided with most of us, me included, but I didn't want to see this go down... yet anyways.

I think Rhody is still a mod here and I've asked KL to come on as a mod as well (as soon as he sees my email that is).

Hopefully knowledgable members (you know who you are....and everyone else actually) will start to post again.

P.S.  Hey.. and if the spam shit gets bad, don't kick up too much of a fuss alright.., this is just a pastime to me and I ain't spending 24/7 trying to get this all spick and span.

Don't expect too much changes if any at all.  Just have a chill time here (Im sure you get enough bickering elsewhere) and try to contribute a review or 2 every now and then. 

Now I gotta figure out how to run a website... and figure out how to change my title to inter galactic super bad ass admin

I can't seem to load pics, old pics seem to have gone somewhere and the site is slow... and I have no friggin clue how to fix this.

Any SMF experts here?  And that's not a MILF spin.

Sgt Squirts:

Try this hosting site for photos. Itís really easy and have been using it for years at various forums.


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