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Decided to give one of these a try and see if it helped get rid of the short putt yips I’ve been battling. Rolled it for the first time yesterday for about 30-45 mins on the practice green. For those of you that don’t know this is the revolutionary unit that Justin Rose has or had been playing well with.

I’ve always had my best luck with putters that in my terms “swing themselves” and this putter definitely fits the mold. It’s nicely made, feels nice off the face, and seems fairly idiot proof, which was the primary focus. Will see how it performs in my hands during actual rounds. Forgot to take pics when I was putting yesterday sorry.

So used this in league last night. Was draining putts and everything was close. No three putts. Just wants to swing itself. It had a premium look and feel to it.

Hoping maybe this is the happy medium between high end putters that feel and look great but require a great stroke and the high MOI well balanced cheaply finished spacecraft looking garbage.

This putter is great. Have been lights out with it and my HC is plummeting as a result. I do want to put a different grip on it but probably shouldn’t mess w it.

My handicap is plummeting due to me not submitting scorecards.


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