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Seven Dreamers and Roddio shafts

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OK... save the old man jokes and buy these.  I'm stepping down half a flex.

1.  7D driver shaft STIFF. Played to 45.5 in my Itobori. Comes with near new 7D grip on.  This is a highish 50 grams shaft (so figure 56-58 grams) and mid kick.  Extremely stable shaft and for a while with the Ito, was my longest combo.  It is 2 times pulled now under low heat.  In extremely good condition.  If you know me, you'll know that I rotate my drivers and I'm not a range freak so sparingly used. This is a stiff flex but wil say it is stiffer than say your Diamana or Fujikura stiff flex shaft.  Don;t think its SX as I've never played an SX shaft but for sure stiffer than the stiffs frm Diamana and Fuji.

2.  7D 3W shaft STIFF.  Tip made for a 15 but its shorter as I've played it for about 6 months in my Proceed 15 at 41.5 playing length. It's still in my proceed and will be a 2 time pull when done.  Comes with a near new 7D grip on.  This is a 60+ gram shaft and mid kick as well.  Very stable and consistent.  As with the 7D driver shaft above, in my hands it plays stiffer than a Fuji Diamond Speeder FW6 Stiff shaft.  You can still use this for a 5W with a bit of butt extention.  A 42.5 finished 3W with butt extention will also be possible.

3.  Roddio I-9 custom silver painted shafts 5 to PW STIFF. This has been in my PXG 0311T since I got these.  I measured the "R" logo against another set of marked I8 stiff shafts and these are actually 1x hard stepped from stiff.  SO not quite SX but in between stiff and SX I think.  Comes with the new gen Black silver Cadero grips EXCEPT 5I which has the Perfect Pro Phiten grip.   5I plays to 38 standard.

All prices include shipping via air post with track and paypaled.  Post takes about 2 weeks longer than normal these days.  If you want FedEx or DHL, I can manage that but it'll be at your cost.

1.  7D driver shaft as described above - $585

2.  7D 15* hybrid shaft - $385

3.  Roddio custom paint 5-PW pulls - $495.  If you want the PXG heads which are in very good condition to be conservative, we can discuss.

Can I send you a swing video so you can confirm the 7D will work for my swing? 😛

Interested in the Roddios Iíll shoot you a WhatsApp


--- Quote from: MBBG on July 29, 2020, 07:59:17 AM ---Interested in the Roddios Iíll shoot you a WhatsApp

--- End quote ---

Sure M.  Let me know.  You still have my paypal as well :-)

Sure do! Just debating what heads I wanna try next.

Short list:

Epon 505
PXG Gen 3 P or maybe even XP
Honma TW-X


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