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Xenon Niobium



--- Quote from: wmclarenf1 on June 12, 2020, 03:56:59 AM ---Just traded my Mills for another Xenon.  This time using Niobium.  Typical Lumpy garage style and the colors are insane (and very inclusive if I must say so)

--- End quote ---

The head was finally delivered from Singapore and I got it shafted up with a Diamana PT135 1.0 and gripped with an Elite Geron N1.

Putter rolls incredibly well and am draining more from the intermediate distances and leaving easier 2nds from far away.  Not sure if it is the head material, milling or shaft but the feel off the face is a bit harsh.  Just can't argue with the performance.

Performance is solely due to its immediate previous owner however brief that was...

Good to hear its rolling well for you.


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