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One of my Covid Gripes

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Ordered a Crazy headcover which was despatched coming 4 weeks now. No sign.  Shipping service says pls be patient as Covid has basically fucked up the postal system in Japan.

Sigh.. and I have another package that has just arrived to the shipper.  Think I'll hold it there for a couple of weeks in the hope things settle a bit more with Japan post.

I'm getting stuff from China much quicker these days.

Not a very important gripe given the shit storm this continues to create .....

I literally just got done reading a story from the Guardian about how Japan is basically impervious to COVID

I had stuff sitting at JP for 1 month, 2 times, basically in a status of package received at customs.

The Postage is shit right now!!


--- Quote from: DaleUK on May 24, 2020, 02:29:09 PM ---The Postage is shit right now!!

--- End quote ---
Actually had one package FedEx from JP through Rak was super quick.


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