Author Topic: Basileus AAA 2020 From Triphas  (Read 176 times)


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Basileus AAA 2020 From Triphas
« on: April 24, 2020, 05:34:17 AM »
So Triphas has 2 AAA shafts this year. The more common ltd 500 model and the more limited 300 limited model (lol)... of course the Ltd 300 caught my attention not because of the mixt of 80T, 70T and PAN 50T materials plus the T1100 stuff from Toray but because its supposed to use some Diamond Like Carbon material in the tip. DLC?  How? From what I can make of the google translate, teh DLC infused tip is supposed to help generate a lot of roll making this model a distance shaft.

I can't quite relate how DLC works in a golf shaft. While I'm familiar with DLC in the horological sector which is used for case finish and protection, how is DLC incorporated in a golf shaft?  I'll try reaching out to the contact I had at Triphas to ask and will share if he bothers to reply.  Its been a long while since I stopped buying my AAA from him since 2017.

This is also supposed to have a gold plated finish while the rest of the normal Basileus shafts have a silver plated finish.  Hopefully this gold plating doesn't spot as easily as the silver plating.

It's a pity this is a low kick shaft which just doesn't work for my swing.... then again, perhaps after my lock down ends on 1 june (hopefully), it may... :D
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