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Maverick easy flow review...


Well, 2nd round with maverick/ evenflow stiff 55g at 46Ē in the bag....

At first I really liked this club...ball flight is high...feel and muted sound kind of annoying...but was carrying the 11* driver 235/240...unfortunately rollout is distance about the same as my 155/TRPX combo shorter than my 904dj/boo too bee and uncle jís premia/loop combo...

It is the straightest and highest launching combo I have was worth a try...going back to the 155 for tomorrow though...sure hope decent free shows up...slidey pathetic free is getting expensive....

Hit the maverick range and found performance to be excellent but wasnít a fan of the sound and feel whatsoever.

I havenít hit the new Mizunos yet but this far in all my testing the Ping G410 Plus is the one to beat thus far. And itís a year old. Say what you want about the looks but itís easy to hit, long, straight and feels like youíve truly punished the ball upon impact.

Iím with u on the sound and feel...but driver and putter are spots where performance is 98% Weighted for me..maverick is back in this weekend with a vylan shaft, 48g x...was hitting that combo much longer on Sunday...could have just been a good swing day but I guess weíll see come Saturday...

Gotta say I like the sound and feel of the Mavrik a little more than my Rogue, but no change regarding performance.

Agree performance trumps look and feel. Just so many good clubs out there these days Iíd like to at least think I donít have to compromise.

In all reality I should have kept my AF-105 or RomaRo 435LX. I never drove the ball better or more consistently than with those two clubs. The TM Original One is in the mix but not as long.


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