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Just as I wanted to par down my herd which I did, I could not resist picking up a few Indie customs over the past few months which I brought back with me from the States.

First up is an Artisan 0217 with the new BGT Stability Tour shaft.  I tried the Artisan with some steel shaft before getting the nice chaps at BGT install the Stability.  A nice story here.. they are about 25 mins drive from Plano TX and I've been chatting to Trever for close to 6 months. I got a new original model Stability and since I was there, asked if they would shaft it for me.  Not only did they do an awesome job at that, they also offered to change it to the new Tour shaft.  Its definitely stiffer than the steel shaft and I'll do a review later as I've only had 2 rounds with it at Old American and TPC Harding and want to get in a couple of local rounds.

Then comes the Nead Mini Copper billet with a Silver face insert I believe.  I love nead minis and this is my 4th.  The feel of this is sublime!

Finally there's the Mannkrafted with made of uber GSS.  Need to get it bent to my 71.5 from the current 69 lie.  Face milling is crazy.

Oh.. Also got an Accra shaft for my Mills Proto. Its actually the best shaft I have tried for this head and I may just keep the Mills Proto after all.

The real finally... after I got back, I managed to finally get a Lajosi Electric Blue Carbon Damascus.  I'll need to get that back to Kari to add a sightline...

Good lord art you dirty stinking ho!

LOL... a lot less of a HO these days.  Putters still interest me and these days its more about iron shafts... that said I have a new obscure driver head on the way in.

Oooh tell us more

It always amazes me how different we are. I couldn't give a shit about putters relative to drivers.


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