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Epon AF 903 DI's 20/23 OT Tour 120x and spare shafts.


For sale are my 2 gorgeous driving irons/utilities. The 23 has an OT Tour 120x installed and the 20 has an Axivcore Tour 100s. I will include the Matrix F15 95s that was originally installed in the 23 and a used OT Tour 120x that was intended for the 20. 23 should be D5 and 1/4" longer than standard 4i. It's also had the lie changed slightly up, but I can't remember how much right now, but I'll do some digging!!

Both heads are in excellent condition. No dings/gouges. Hardly any marks on the face or sole. The 20 has and Epon cover which in also in excellent condition. You can see the grips in the photos.

Asking $175 each + shipping or $300 + shipping for both and the spare shafts.

$250 + shipping for both $135 each +shipping.

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23 gone.

20 $150 + shipping.


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