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Epon Personal 2 heads 4-P. // Epon 502 COPPER. 4-PW heads

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Epon Personal 2. 4-PW.  SOLD

Epon 502 Copper ( factory ) in very good condition $1000 PLUS Shipping

Epon AF Tour Copper ( factory ) excellent condition $1900 PLUS Shipping

* For extra costs, I do have shafts, Modus 105X, Modus 120X, Dynamic Gold Onyx s400 Tour Issue, PX LZ 5.5, PX 5.5, Recoil 110 F4, Modus 130 S , etc......

I need to see pics of the AF-Tour coppers.......just for lust.......please  :o

there is like only 4 people on this forum, haha hit up Stew if you need pics, he asked for the irons and I decided to empty out the Epon closet.  Ill post pics of the other stuff in a few mins !

Ok, lets do a Columbus Day sale, everything 50% off PLUS Shipping

Just for fun, I'm going to unlock this thread.  Robbie, at least post pictures of the copper AF Tours.


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