Author Topic: Titleist VG3 2018 irons and forged 50/56 wedges Recoil Proto 125 F5 PLEASE READ  (Read 148 times)


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4i - PW of the VG3 and Vokey forged 50 and 56. The irons and 50* have UST Recoil Prototype 125F5. 56* has a Modus3 120 stiff. All in great condition. Shafts are one time pull and were spend originally in a set of tour issue Adams XTD Forged. The shafts in the irons are TOURSPX with individual numbers. The one in the 50* was bought separately.
IMPORTANT BIT: Unfortunately my pro drilled a hole in the pw shaft whilst attempting to remove the old glue. Apparently this is beyond repair and I can't get hold of an individual shaft in the UK. I've seen some listed on eBay USA but I'm not interested in shipping one over + import duties. So because of this, these need a new home. I have about $700 in these. Asking $450 delivered. Send me some offers.

I'll post pics when it stops raining.