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Ping Blueprint


These are so darn good, they are practically JDM !!!!  basically one of my top 3 irons of all time and ive played at least 100 different sets, probably even more than that......However im still in the honeymoon period and almost everything I own loses its magic after 4-6 weeks.  These clubs have a thin sole and thin top line and a very small footprint with little offset and they are easier to hit than SGI irons......its like a magic unicorn.

That's high praise coming from you.  Can you compare their size to any other blades you own?

These are smaller than any blades I own, they are not tiny but rather compact.....I did measure them against my friends Ping S55 and they were only a tiny bit smaller but the thin top line and narrow sole make these seem small but they are soooooo forgiving that size doesn't matter when playing these.

These are intriguing. Ping always play easier than youd think. And I think its easier to square the face with a smaller head without all the toe weight


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