Author Topic: Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 Range  (Read 491 times)


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Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 Range
« on: June 24, 2019, 11:02:56 PM »
Itís been a minute since I owned a TEE FW. I think the last one I had was the CB Pro or something with the little waves on the bottom which was a great performer but didnít have the feel of the CB5 Iíd gamed earlier.

Been struggling with the gap between my FW wood and my Srixon U45 this year. Decided to try a 5W again for the first time in about 5 years and gave the CBX 119 with Even Flow White T1100 in it a whirl.

Got it last week and itís quite compact with a deepish face. Very classic glossy black crown and face. Has some baffler type rails on the bottom. The shaft is very different feeling in my hands. I played in an outing Saturday and hit it three times with ok but not great results. Having never hit it I didnít have a feel for the club and how the shaft loaded.

Took it into the shop today with intentions of reshafting it but decided to hit it on the range a bit before I got too hasty. Seems the shaft is quite stout and rewards a bit more aggressive swing rather than the slow n steady ones I was trying use in the outing. Once I started going after it, the club really came alive and I was striping it. Itís really close to 3W distance for me. I hope I can carry the same results over to the course.