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What you are viewing is quite possibly the rarest of all Titleist Irons ever produced and I can’t believe I am even considering selling these beauties-Holy Grail and Unicorn cannot even begin to define them!
Hello. Let’s get the fine print out of the way. I have always operated with the first PayPal payment gets the item. I will not hold items. I take and respond to emails in the order I receive them. Once the deal is made, it is made. I do not opt out for a higher price offer. I am NOT looking for trades of any kind. I have way too much and it needs to leave the house with nothing showing up in return-lol. Shipping is included for free within the CONUSA. Shipping to any other destinations will cost, so please inquire. The price quoted is extremely fair and there are good deals to be had with this item. Gently, I just am not a negotiator in any way, shape or form. All items are described to the best of my ability with good faith and honesty behind the descriptions. There are absolutely plenty of pictures with close ups as well. I have nothing to hide and it is only the fair way to do it for potential buyers. All my items are absolutely authentic and real. It’s been that way for fifty years, and I don’t plan on losing that track record. Yes, I am a club’ho buying and selling things and losing money all the time-lol but a club’ho nonetheless.
And, finally, thank you for looking. I think the best thing about this forum is the people you meet along the way. Let’s get to it!
The Divinest of the Holy Grail: Brand New Titleist Limited 100MB 3-PW (complete set in all the wrappers and includes the original box)-my prized bull of all time. The Titleist Limited 100MB was made and released only in Japan with only 100 pieces to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Titleist. Release date was around 2014. The thing I love about Japan Acushnet is when they do a release, it is final, protected, and always the amount specified. When they say 100 pieces, then it is a 100 pieces. The intent of this release was for these irons to be played. There are no release or set numbers on these heads (1/100, 35/100, 86/100, etc.). That was not the purpose of the 30th anniversary release. Japan Acushnet released 100 sets period and they wanted them to be played by people like you and me. I received these irons straight from Japan and they were extremely expensive. These have been sitting in my closet and it’s time to move them on to a lucky buyer. There are plenty of pictures including specs and product information (all in Japanese of course). However, the pictures tell the story. You would be hard pressed to find a brand new set of these anywhere especially in all the wrappers and original box. The original box with irons in it will be placed in a larger box to protect it from shipping labels, etc. (I wish this would have done this for me). While these irons could be played, these irons in all likelihood will become the ultimate in a collector’s set. $2995

Titleist T had 2500 pieces
Titleist Red T had 500 pieces
Titleist 680 (original release) had 2000 pieces
The following information was taken from a well-known business dealing in JDM and other golf equipment describing the Titleist 100MB Limited Irons:
“Obviously a muscle back it’s been given sharper more sleek edges and angles which some brands now claim to increase the player’s ability to focus during address while standing over the ball. It’s got slightly heavier heads than usual but the most interesting thing is that inner tungsten weights have been added in the 3 thru 9 irons for a lower center of gravity, increased inertia and better performance for off center hits, yes a Titleist iron with inner tungsten weights…
Titleist has also focused on feel decreasing the vibrations felt through impact in what they call a “cupping effect” when hitting center, the standard shaft is the Tour Issue S200 and this set was sold out quickly before release and offered to only a few select accounts, we has already sold our only set and are working on getting another but…”. Please do your own due diligence regarding research.
I appreciated the information from the business describing these irons; however, Japan Acushnet actually put a 5.7 tungsten toe weight in the pitching wedge as well. Take a look at the photos and you will see where they show it in a chart.
Thanks for Looking!