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New To JDM - Been a Club-Hoe Though

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I'm new to the JDM club market. I've been playing for 5 years, all self taught, which you know means it's time for a lesson.

Found my way to Fourteen through my current job in Golf Retail. Was exposed to a set of Fourteen TC-550 and TC-770 that my store took in as Trade-Ins. Prior to that I had come across Fourteen on other Forums and Groups I'm in, but this was the first in-hand exposure I've had.

Current setup is Mizuno MP-15 4i-7i, and Callaway Apex MB '18 8i-Pw with Modus 105 Stiff

After loosing faith in the current setup, and testing the 2009 TC-550, I realized I may be leaving a little on the table with not playing a true CB and that I may also be ignoring the benefits of swapping to graphite.

Currently waiting to assemble a set of FH-900 3i-Pw. Will play 5-P in the 900, and acquired a 4i in the aforementioned TC-550. They will receive Recoil Proto 110s in Stiff, the 4i is getting a 90g Kuro Kage Black, and I'll be retaining my Apex UT 21 with Kuro Kage Silver 80g.

Anyway, I know this is long winded, but I look forward to playing the 14s once the shafts have been paid for and I get the club builder to assemble them.

Next acquisition once the current combo set is sold; I'm thinking about a set of Honma 737s, but haven't decided which model. Maybe someone here can give me some feedback on that particular topic.

I love the Recoil Prototype shafts. Good choice. The KK black I didn't, feel was dead.

This will be the first experience with the KK Black. I had the KK Silver in the UT, and it made a beautiful driving iron. I felt it was a little high and I might get more roll with something a little lower and closer to steel. So I went to Aldila Rip a 105s. That was the stiffest shaft I've ever felt in my life. Much firmer than any X Flex. Went from there to Diamana WB 92g, which was nice for a while, but I still was inconsistent with. Now I'm back to the KK Silver, and the consistency and dispersion is wonderful. Using it off tight tees where I need a little more accuracy and using a Cobra Oversize 3-4 Hyb with Tour AD HY95s where I have a little more room.


Welcome and props to you for posting pics so fast! Giving you a smite for that!  Welcome again.


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