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Callaway big bertha beta hybrid ...
« on: July 13, 2019, 09:31:22 AM »
Hello guys

My topic of the day , as my hybrids are getting shafted , I asked my CM if we would have something for me
He looked at me with a smile and gave me a callaway big bertha beta hybrid 20 on a regular 50 g shaft.
I started to complain a bit in a fun way but I thought letís try it  , cannot be that bad .
So here I am this morning for a club contest , going to the driving range a bit late and just hitting few balls ,
And i have to say I was really surprised , this club is so easy to hit , just move your body and the club is following .
Distance wise , it looks not that bad , letís go to the course now.
As Iím struggling with my woods and Driver, I decided not to take them today , so my set up would start with this hybrid 20 and then my 6 iron.
So far my average with my ryoma UT 21 and a quadra shaft is 195 yards.
First shot of the game of the tee ...220 yards and so easy i cannot believe it
And it was like this all day long , 220 of the tee and 200 of the deck
Never thinking , just standing, swinging and done . Fairways, rough... even small approach out of the green
That was a crazy surprise , hats off callaway for this setup and head .
Looking forward to try it side by side with my new shafted hybrid but this is a really good head.

Beside this , my game was good today but , and there is always a but , putting was awful , 42 putts today ... really need a new putter ( yes please , let me think itís the putter fault )

Have a nice weekend

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