Author Topic: BEST EVER set : irons/ driver/ fw /shafts.......  (Read 389 times)


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BEST EVER set : irons/ driver/ fw /shafts.......
« on: October 10, 2018, 11:08:32 PM »
weve all played just about everything.
what say you to ur fave.

ONLY ONE  tho. not a I like all these, make a decision!

head jbeam 435 10.5* ............ shaft: diamana stinger 70s (just over the 70s X model)
Long wood:
kasco fd 12.8* head............ shaft: diamana stinger 70sx
high wood:
prgr egg 17* spoon ( yes they made one)...Shaft: quadra fire express 75xs
Driving iron:
honma twu 21* " shaft NS pro 950xs
hmmmmmmm , need all rounders so id prob forgo  the blades bec they don't go as well up here in wet long grass and the mb/cavity goes better on tight grass comparatively.
PRGR, tr500, yup beat out the IDBL  bec they play better in longer grass, the  IDBL  are very sharp  nad can dig ,something the tr500s don't seem to do  BUT   boy was that a a toughy!!!
wow................again best all rounders bec iplay so many different surfaces.
for long wetgrass ,syard bolds are amazing they be the top and for tight  short  hot summers  id go the fourteem mt28 prototypes of the tourstage x wedges  oh man are  they scimatars..
so a meld of both wud be the Yamaha raw black,  insane  spin, bit of high bounce  but a nice sharp base line to look at.
even tho the latest are prob better, ive had so much success with the tourstage x-01z  it wud be impossible to  leave them out.
ha...........oh dear this is ridiculous..............ok, one  putter for  one bag.hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
1986  masters winning McGregor  jack model  monster!
cost me 10 bucks  but I nail it with this sucker !

yours ?

astro tourv3 10*// quadra fire express prototype 2016
prgr egg spoon15*//roddio tour only  bee71x
fourteen tw u 21*//diamanana stinger 70x
masda mb 3/pw.....NS stx
prgr nabla id 52*. NS WV125s Yamaha raw black  56*....NS wv 125s
fourteen mt 28 60*....NS 950s
maruman cs mallet
tourstage x-01z


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Re: BEST EVER set : irons/ driver/ fw /shafts.......
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2018, 12:31:16 PM »
Nice billy Barule snag!  Great topic.  Surprised the tr500s beat out the idbl's for u stu...was the reverse for me, the tr500 were less Tario would put it, "stu has a vigorous swing, what works for him may not work for you"...

Diver, easy: 153...I guess I could go with 155, it's a bit longer but all around?  I have yet to find anything as good as the 153...shaft?  That's hard, for me it just depends on what works with the head...sadly, best combo with the 153...for me?  The attas 4U 6s outperformed (marginally) a halph dozen or so more expensive shafts...

FW/UT, this is hard:  how could I go with heads I'm not playing?  I honestly have had no desire to hit anything that's not Roddio in this category for the past 2 years...Roddio through and through...the Stella and Lunar shafts are fantastic...Roddio is very different than other makers stuff, great performance all around, long but not longest, very controllable, forgiving but far from most forgiving...very soft feeling...when I'm striking the ball well, these are pinpoint but for best ever I gotta prioritize feel...3HT/BasiAlpha75s, this 17.3* cleek with WaccinecompoGR77s shaft is the best allround higher launching fwy I've played...Utes I gotta go with the 21/24* RomaRo Type R/BasiUT 70/80s shafts...the roddios give me more control when I'm swinging well and are perhaps a little longer and I like the feel a bit better but the type r's are more forgiving and perform better from a larger variety of lies...

Irons, medium hard:  I'm going with the 505. For me...simply the best really isn't for the guy with crazy clubhead speed but I think a lot of hard hitters, the guys in the 105-110 driver range who hit 7i 160-165 could really benefit from these...the lofts are not crazy jacked so I don't think you'd hit the sky balls...I need help to hit a 150 yard 7i...I'm not ashamed to admit it...I do think of myself as a decent player, especially for someone who started playing in his 30s but I just can't hit the ball significant distances, consistently...the GI/SGI category has allowed me to hit the ball closer to big boy golfer distence and I've found that I can beat some real players in events with a solid short game.  Don't get me wrong, best ever feel for me was my 302 copper/nsp999 setup, 303/attas10s was great all hitting frozen marshmallows...but best ever? I hit my 302/Roddio i10 7i 140 yards when I catch it center, 130 and well off line on misses....505 Bangvoo 7i is significantly higher and 154 carry on center strikes, 145-150 and slightly off line on misses...using a 5i in on medium to long par 4s gets old day after day and puts a lot of stress on my ball striking...when I have 160 in with the 505 I'm thinking soft 6 or firm 7...with 302 it's firm 5 or punchy ute....big difference in I go through all the iron sets I've played over the years I'd give a nod to the RomaRo Type V...?...may have been type r...the pocket cavity models, they were a smallish midsize that felt good for pocket cavities, very forgiving, very consistent...had recoil proto 95 f4 tspx shafts in them, they were workable for cuts and draws...I mostly hit baby draws or straight shots with the 505s but I can hit a small cut shot, the short, chunky head of the 505 makes it workable a little...not gonna hit big fades or carve it around on a dime but enough to play with some strategy...when you're hitting a 7i 140, how can you have any strategy other than (land 3 yards short and bounce it up) many good irons over the years...also honorable mention to the idbl's (really better performing and in some ways better feeling even then my beloved 302s) yam09cb's, RF551, onoff247s, onoff '13cb, AF705&3, P3, P1 (I know but I really liked it, with the TTMonaco nothing felt better and I could get around the course with them albeit hitting 7i 140 when I crushed it) special mention of 703, this was a classic, pick some used heads up cheap, they are timeless...just a joy to hit and hit LOOOONNNGGGG...

Iron shafts: very very hard:  this is a whole separate category for me...I spend as much time and money on iron shafts as almost the rest of my bag combined...I do a lot of experimenting here...the best of the best for me all things considered, head having a lot to do with it I'd do the following for different reasons and characteristics:
Muziik bangvoo premium stiff-raw performance, nice crunchy feel
Roddio i9 stiff-smooth, all around consistent
NSP 999s-can't find these anymore, a white elephant for me...
TT TI s200-these have gone well in every set I've had them in...I've sold 2 sets of these shafts and replaced with 2 or 3 diff sets and they never got better...esp feel wise....
NSP Superpeening Orange soft stepped, these worked real well in a set of yammies I had a while back...
Recoil proto95 tspx f4...should never have sold these...
Aerotech i95 great with real dense, firm forging S
attas10s great value, softening.l
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11.2*155/Basileus Alpha 60x
4-P 505, 705A/muziikbangvoo
213 53.5/60/muziikbangvoo
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Re: BEST EVER set : irons/ driver/ fw /shafts.......
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2018, 03:41:49 PM »
I am in tears as I write out my past ace clubs because I no longer have them in my bag....

Driver:  AF-153/AAA 70 S
3W: AF-202 HT / Diamana Al'islei 83 S
Hybrid:  Adams A12 Pro 22d deg / UST VTS 100H S
Irons:  Yonex Nextage NanoV Forged / Dynamic Gold S400
Wedges:  Epon 208 KGX Copper 52 & 58  /  NS Pro WV 125 
Putter: Geo Galaxy NP2 type / Dogatti shaft

DR: Modart MA01D+R / Diamana W
FW: Modart MA01F / Diamana 'Ahina
UT: Modart MA01H / Crazy STP
IR:  Epon AF-505/SUS316 / Modus 125
WG: MG S-01 / Modus Wedge 125
PT:  Ping Vault 2.0 CRAZ-E H ( in trial mode )