Author Topic: Iron headweight for graphite shafts compared to steel of same weight.  (Read 1496 times)


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I tried to find the thread on GWRX in which he made that claim but I couldn't find it.  However, I did find one in which he said at 12 grams a better player (not a machine) might notice a bit of a draw bias.  He did say that a player will not notice a change in ballflight with 9 grams added to the heal.  That thread is here:

I think it's also important to clarify that his testing was done with irons.  I wouldn't extrapolate from his results to say that 12 grams added to the heel of a driver will affect ball flight.  It could be, or it could be more or it could be less.

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As free mentioned, total weight is a critical consideration, and more important than swingweight.  The problem with swingweight is that it doesn't take into account total weight.  You could build those irons with either 65g or 120g shafts to a D2 swingweight.  But the total weights of those sets, and thus feel, would be very different.

That's a good point about feel being affected db...I hadn't focused on it before but you're right, total weight does affect feel...
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There is a limit to how much lead/tungsten powder you can put in a graphite shaft without going above the hosel.  Most builders will say a shaft may break if the lead is added above the hosel.
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