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Re: Japanese Equipment Reviews
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I love reading reviews just because I love golf equipment. As it has been said always take the reviews with a grain of salt because it is so subjective. But if you know what works for you and what not, I do think reviews help at least to short list slightly. Sometimes (not always) you can filter out certain properties of the head. If you are a high spin player you surely won't need a high spinning head if you are looking for distance. Another thing to keep in mind is to know what you are looking to achieve with the club. That should influence what you buy. As for modern drivers on course I don't think there is much that separates them overall in performance. But sometimes it's exactly knowing that you can carry that dog leg comfortably or not that makes the difference in attitude standing over the ball. Looks, feel and confidence are probably more important than performance. If it doesn't look right, chances are big that you won't put a good swing on it. At least for me.
But I agree that it is the course testing that counts.
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Re: Japanese Equipment Reviews
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ok , so whats important to read in a review ?

for me........ well firstly  you gotta have pics .
take the driver ....,

then I wanna  read about face angle.
loft. his swing speed and if he  was on or  not that day.
shape of the face, what shaft was used, length of the driver.
I wanna know if the dood was creming the ball or mishitting most shots.
 then  where the ball went and where it ended up.
 flight: low / mid low / mid high  or high
how much run.
and then how this went VS something else he was hitting that day as a placebo.

then his own personal summation of hpow it is  not the blurb the co. makes him write.

that's why forums are good for me  , bec.  were not brand  biased  and getting paid what we see is actually REAL.

 said by no magazine reviewer EVER............

"was more than a little disappointed ,  with pretty close to my normal set up on the listed details but   the ball ballooned like  the Hindenberg  , the shaft felt like a piece of   semi aldente  spaghetti  and I was loosing  at least  20 yards distance  and 30 on dispersion , when I  inpsected the piece ( bec this was listed as clsoe to my normalk specs) ,  the actual head loft, although it said 9.5*  square  WITH  closer inspection when measured was in fact......10.6* and 1* open, this was a terrible driver and the feel of it was a kin to hitting  an old garbage tin  lid with a broken broom handle sticking out of it   its list price is  $ 750  and I expecti t tobe at under  $100 in a mtter of days  bec its  so poor, BUT   bec im paid tharg by  the OEMS  I cant say what I actually think.   which is    yup this is a piece of utter  spaaaaaamo !  "

THATS why I only read the  forums!

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Re: Japanese Equipment Reviews
« Reply #17 on: July 09, 2018, 08:34:41 PM »
Still remember a honest review for the new onoff kuro ut at nikkan where the tester openly admitited that the club didn’t work for him/couldn’t hit it properly. though he kept it more polite in his wording :)