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putter fitting ( again)
« on: June 24, 2018, 07:46:59 PM »
Had a pretty  extensive fitting  yesterday. went thru a gamut of  head shapes /faces/weights.
stroke wasn't being tinkerd with  it was fitting a putter design/shape  to my stroke,  (unlike last time which was a fkkn disaster!)
you putt the way u putt and the item shud fit you ,not the other way round!
so the  typical shapes , the anser/ mallet/ blade are about as bad for me as  driving with a  9 iron apparently.


the head shape that best  suits my stroke is a short  s-neck style,   or centre shaft with a thicker top line, fast/harder compound  (not soft milled) face,    grip   double  taper taped and weight adjusted  2 grams at the top of the grip.

specs 34 inch
74* lie
3.5* loft
367 gram head weigth
532/535 g  over all putter weight
square face angle minimal to zero off set

head shape  I didn't have a real  , yea man  I wan that! moment , just as long as these specs match up im ok.
my stoke is very forward /back, high back lift ,  steep angle of attack, and misses are virtually all right of target.
 so a higher  straighter putter is  good for me.

that  means the 2 ball cud suit nicely with a more upright  shaft.
and the  face balance  of toe hang to about 2 o clock

full 6  clocks are a disaster!

was a very good  education .

going thru all my hoard of flatties now and  nad re doing them to the ones that suit and the ones that don't , and the ones I can leave on the wall!

 worth it!!!!!

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