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Elite Geron N66 Putter Grip
« on: April 22, 2018, 03:57:00 AM »
Just installed this on my Formula Slighter with Muziik Dogatti.  With this grip at around 100 grams, it’s the only putter in my stable that it would suit with the Slighter modified Kitada SS head coming in at 369grams… a lot heavier than my more accustomed 350 gram weight.

Apart from the counter balancing effect I need for this putter, it also suits the color scheme.  Before I had a red and white 65gram SS 1.0 Ultra slim but with such a heavy head, I was never comfortable with it.

Another thing about the Geron is the shape.. Non-taper, parallel round shape.  I think its great as its as neutral as it comes.  No need to worry if its installed square or whatever.

So… played a round today with the Geron and balance wise, it really works for me in this putter. The static weight of the putter is heavy but it doesn’t feel that way through the stroke.  With the SS grip, I always found it too head heavy and off balance and never had confidence in the combo.  Roll was very true and distance control excellent.  Well, 29 putts today, no 3 putts and quite a few one putts and not tap ins.

Really happy with this.  I can’t recall who recommended this here but THANK YOU.  My Formula Slighter was a wall hanger until now. 

I need to see if the Geron comes in a lighter weight for my other putters.
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