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Re: Progress BB4
« Reply #15 on: January 05, 2021, 03:15:50 AM »
Demoed this again beside the new SB-01.  The original is slightly more shallow and smaller and felt sooooooo much better than the SB-01 which felt very plasticky.  Tried both with the new fangled Korean autoflex shaft which is supposed to be uniflex (still don't understand these single yet multiflex shafts) and speed rated for flex.  I suited the 50 plus gram shaft best which is supposed to be from 95 to 100mph.

The shaft felt plasticky as well and the combo with the sb-01 was really bad feeling and sounding.  Much better in the original BB4.  I also aways had a slight tail fade with this shaft.  Defo not interested in the SB-01 now, the Autoflex shaft for me still can't hold a candle to my current shafts in play but the original BB4... will be in the hunt now... just as I managed to get my driver stable down... sigh...

Hahahaha, resistance is futile....
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