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Basileus AAA Premium
« on: March 30, 2018, 10:44:11 PM »
2 Akatsuka Advanced Architecture shafts released this year.  Apart form the "regular" 500 pcs 2018 AAA, Triphas has released a 300 pcs Premium shaft.  Its their most expensive shaft to date.  Google translate follows:

"AAA Premium <Triple-A Premium>" was produced that trimmed the limit of use of materials and prepared conditions that make it possible to make full use of design power. Specification that can not be put on mass production line to further brush up AAA, inevitably limited to 300 It becomes a model.

What is "pursuit of universality" that trifas thinks?

The AAA 2018 Preremium model is designed with "Center (Center)" targeted on AB-MAP proposed by Tri-Fas. There is no reason why Tri-Fas has not been conscious of the center of AB-MAP so far. Rather, it is the central point that the difficulty at the concept planning level comes from the "universality". Tri-Fas does not need "just a moderate shaft" to make it. Because it is now AAA 'true true universal shaft' that can utilize the materials that can be used and ignore mass production efficiency and send it to the world. "Throne the King should sit" is here.
We do things we can not do for other companies. I think that is one mission of TRIαS.

In general, the universal shaft, which is commonly referred to as "a shaft without habit", "Does even the hands moderately moderate", this alone has no special mention. The behavior of the shaft can roughly be divided into two elements. "Bend" and "twist". Tri-fas has succeeded in reducing the torque while keeping it sufficient. Succeeded in making a phenomenal low torque coexisting with natural, "2.6 at 50 g base shaft" by accumulating its achievements, evolving materials used, and improving production equipment. In the AAA series, it is a proposition that "challenge if possible theoretically possible" is a proposition, and I am convinced that there is a golfer who wants it, and I feel delighted that Tri-Foss can propose it to the golfer.

As a developer, quite a challenging material usage. Restrictions on use are also great.
However, because there are golfers who crave the shaft there, they challenge the development.

The AAA 2018 Premium model is a challenging shaft for a golfer.

Unprecedented full length pitch system Ultra high elasticity 80 t + PAN type ultra high elasticity 50 t + Tip part 70 t Triple bias using a plain weave cloth, Ultra low torque design
- Neutral positioning shaft that enables data accumulation for many years.
Ultra low torque produces no shaky shaft behavior and impact feeling.
Smooth behavior from the tip to the bat, slightly imparted a feeling of grasping.
Shaft that traces the grip of the golfer to swing.
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Re: Basileus AAA Premium
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2018, 01:42:55 PM »
Poetry worthy of squirts!
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