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Hello Gents. I am Swisstrader and had a bit of a history with TSG (bleh!) and came on here for a short while. Got banned by TSG along w Matt and Dale and Iím sure a few others for speaking my mind about some of the crap around TSG management and being banned for having a POV. Lol

That being said, nice to be back. I still remember Tsupo, Dale, Matt and a few others. Have a couple JDM goodies Iím looking to buy/sell and looking forward to reconnecting :)

Welcome along buddy!

Good to have you back, P!

I remember the strader from back in the day...groovy baby yeah!  Just don't piss in dale's rhubarb patch...only way to get banned on this board...make sure and kiss disco stu's arse as well...

Pucker up, im waiting!


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