Author Topic: A nice wet weather bag...  (Read 307 times)


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A nice wet weather bag...
« on: January 17, 2018, 07:48:09 PM »
after trying everything I can think of to  alleviate the slips.....
dry hands  glug goo stuff ...   that works a treat if its just  slight drizzle.. those fantastic gloves form Hirtzl.. ( super exxy)  I ve found what I think is the best anwer yet

leather gripmaster grips.. put them on a whole set. had a quic k test with them  nad they work best. not overly  thrilled with the thickness and roundness of the shape , I much prefer a taperd grip, but when its wet ill take anything.

wet bag..
justick 10*/diamana   alisilei  73s
kasco fd 12.8*/ diamanan stinger 70x
prgr egg  18* / diamana stinger 70xx
fourteen ut 716 1i  NS 105s
grindworks MB  / ns dps(120 s)
Yamaha back forged 52*/ shimada smoked
syard  bold 56*/ shimada smoked

not a bad.. in case of rain  set , if I must say my self ............

prgr egg  7* ...diamana aliislei 83s
callaway erc fusion 3w 15*...NS 950s fw
fourteen 716tu   DI 18*...NS 105s
masda mb 3/pw.....NS 120x
prgr nabla id 52*. NS WV125s Yamaha raw black  56*....NS wv 125s
fourteen mt 28 60*....NS 950s
benock Enzo mallet
tourstage x-01z