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Marshall, did you have a similar sn at tsg? 

Welcome, the board is just better, more pure and unbiased crazyness...there are quite a few "crazy nuts" here but when it comes to gear most. everyone here.  is into it and is legit...

Btw have you heard from Hutchy of late?  Peop,e have been pissing in his rhubarb patch...

Yes same name/handle at tsg and ebay never try to hide anything up front type of person.
Hutchy is around but out of the golf arena which I think he needed too.
Too much talk and little action is a good way to sum that one up.
Will try and start getting into the forum mainly like hanging in the bst areas.

welcome buddy, I think a lot of active member are switching from TSG to here :P

Clubhouse is where it's at...just make sure and pay your dues to Matt...there's been threats of banishment but no actual banishment....qqueue Craig for some background on the dangers, history and benefits of censorship...ahhh Craig...miss that cat, hope he comes back, we may have scared him off for good...


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