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Re: all one bag
« Reply #30 on: April 13, 2018, 02:27:53 AM »
yee gads......................,

was at the beasball last night, got our asses  kicked , was  5- zip first innings.
i don't remember posting this.

funny what half a dozen +   frosty chu-hi  can do  to  a fella .

Free  I think  ud love it.............!

anyway let me extrapolate  a bit  better

the stock mbs look  fine, but are bigger and  have a lot more offset, than I lke,  the feel is SUPERB.
 ive used the set at  the range multiple times and  I hit them well , very well  actually  but  cant  stand the look of the offset esp in the 9and pw

when  I look around the  shops these days  its rare to find a set of  clubs  ( that are not made for the OEM pro) that don't looking like the old Miura design ie  a HUGE gooseneck
the latest srixon Mbs area good example t they are  made for Matsuyama pro  , bit  smoother   and mor eflow than the 945 model.  ver ysmall offset , these id buy in a heartbeat  over most  other names.
Yamaha are now unplayable for me . the latest Honmas  I underatnd they idnt need to do another mb set bec the tw 717 and 727  are basically  un improvable. so they did a hybrid set , makes sense.......

even the bespoke guys cant help love a japanese gooseneck.

it topped out in 2011 btw.

I agree, they are a bit chunkier all around. Thickish rounded off topline, some offset but for me ok. Not as offensive as some other sets.  I do not consider them to be a MB. They certainly do not play like one. More like a forgiving CB. They are similar to the Onoff forged in forgiveness imo. Maybe just ever so slightly less forgiving but not by much and that tells a lot. Had a few hits with a Mizuno MP18 MMC (supposedly the most forgiving one out of the MP18 range) recently and it was night and day in forgiveness comparing to my RS forged. Much harder to hit than my set.
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Re: all one bag
« Reply #31 on: April 13, 2018, 11:14:11 PM »
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