Author Topic: Suggestions wanted on where to send belly putters to convert to short  (Read 1142 times)


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Have several belly putters that I really like and since I'm putting much better with the short and they're illegal I'm hoping to convert a couple.  Any suggestions on who could do a quality job like this? 

Thanks for the advice!
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Shouldnt be too hard H.  I think you'll need to be concern most with weight reduction as belly heads need to be heavier.  You'll of course need to adjust loft and lie.  I guess gf for the ultimate mod shop.  Haven't had experience with BOS closer to you but pics already suggests nowhere close to gf level.
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 its pretty easy to do ur self  as well,  my guy  adds  a small tip weight to keep the weight up   if needed, and sometimes   and /OR a  heavier grip to counter balance it.  loft changes a bit ,   I  like mine   a bit flatter anyway
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Not as bling as GF but Tom Slighter can do mods on putter heads.
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Send it to that place Matt used for Hot Melt... Quality assured!!
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