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Top Golf / Top Tracer
« on: July 18, 2018, 03:24:08 PM »
As you may know,  Top Golf produces driving ranges that are more "entertainment"  focused to make golf a casual outing like that of say...bowling...
Now they have released Top Tracer which is an add on system to existing driving ranges where you can see simulated ball paths on the screen placed on each hitting stall.

A couple of the ranges in the Seattle area now have this.    Puetz golf is the local golf superstore and their range has this on every stall and offered free of charge.   You just pay for range balls.
The range closest to my house is in the process of installing this in 6 of their stalls and they charge by 30 min for usage on top of balls.   

I have not had the chance to try it and I don't know how accurately the traces will represent actual ball flight but it is interesting enough to give it at least a try.
And boy how much opportunity there are in this technology for the existing all weather driving ranges in the US alone....  It's a huge market.     
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