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Welcome, I'm new here myself.

Dude, that super egg is loong...just moved one along but miss it...welcome to the jungle...


--- Quote from: ditchvisitor on December 22, 2016, 05:43:36 PM ---Greetings from the UK, I recently found the forum whilst trying to decide what JDM driver to go for, somehow fell into JDM golf clubs and have slowly been changing my bag. Currently playing Miura CB501 irons, Yururi Tataki 52/56/60 wedges, Honma TW727 Hybrid and 3 Wood, with a 915 D2 driver and a Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5.

Drivers that I've considered are JBeam 535, PRGR Super Egg or a Ryoma Maxima, I'm also considering changing the putter for a Miura KM 006.

--- End quote ---

I really liked the 535, and would love to try the premium black version. Looks fantastic. Never tried the other two mentioned though.

Welcome. I am a JDM newbie myself. Down the rabbit hole we go...

A warm welcome buddies !!!


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