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PXG putters
« on: December 17, 2016, 05:45:11 PM »

I brought today my ryoma p3 and my dogatti shaft to my CM as to build my set , and I figured out that he's now having PXG in his shop .
So I directly ask to try and compare with my faithful 703s
- 311 T , shafted to hard for me , unplayable
- 311, was nice and soft feeling but not as much as my 703
- 311XF good looking club , nice feeling but nothing that would make me change my irons.

And now the putter , what I like is soft feeling
My gamer nowadays is a KM-006 Miura on UST FF shaft which is really soft and precise , I'm now building a putter with the ryoma and the dogatti .
While I was there , i spent some time trying the whole pxg putter line
Tried mostly the gunboat and the brandon, what a shock , those putters not fitted for me where so easy , the feeling out of the face is really impressive
The roll is smooth and you have the feeling you can't go wrong .
I will give them a second shot next week but I have the feeling that my P3 will not even see my bag :)

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Re: PXG putters
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2016, 08:45:00 PM »
Hi Stefbase.
I had a set of PXG Xtreme dark irons but the finish started to mark up rather quickly on our sand-based courses. So I got a set of the 703. The jury is out on these at the moment. The feel is nice off the face but I am having a rather hard time coming to terms with the very strong lofts. They are also shafted with Zelos 7 stiff shafts which may be a bit light for me. This can be rectified easily I suppose but these clubs were bought new and built by Epon so am rather loathe to break up the build. I think they would go well with some sub 100 gms graphite shafts and I have my eyes on a nice Bagvoo set if they ever come up on BST. Of course they go a country mile.
However, I think I actually prefer the feel of the PXG irons or at least have no real preference. They are remarkably soft off the face and I like the distances they give me. I think I may move from the 703s  back to the satin PXGs, but am in no hurry.
On the other hand I do have a PXG putter - the Mustang. I bought the classic as I found the newer model with the insert a little soft and the ball pinged off the face rather startlingly. However, in a fit of experimentation I had the Mustang cut down to 32.5 inches and it really messed up the face balance, weight and everything else. It took a lot of lead tape to get it back to some semblance of playability. PXG did not have heavier screws and were unable to help, although I bought it from an official PXG dealer here. I don't recommend tampering with them, however, they are very nice putters as you observed.
Clubs are such a personal thing at the end though....