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--- Quote from: banduga on July 11, 2016, 10:18:10 PM ---
--- Quote from: Duffer19 on July 11, 2016, 01:20:43 AM ---How the hell did you do the scrolling "Hello"?  Anyway welcome to the forum from a fellow Hong Kong'er or whatever we call ourselves.

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Ooh... Didn't realize you were in Hong Kong too!

In the buttons above the smileys, there's a button with a scrolling "M". I wasn't sure what it did either, so I had a try.

FUN!  :D (Yes, I need to get a life...)
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I was and wasn't and is.

Where do you HKers like to buy golf gear? Pura Golf?

I don't buy much locally except maybe balls and gloves. I know about the store but never been there.  Buying mostly from internet, either Rak or Yahoo auction or at my club. My game has been so sh*tty the past few months, I swear off getting any more stuff


--- Quote from: 1dirtypanda on July 24, 2016, 12:48:27 AM ---Where do you HKers like to buy golf gear? Pura Golf?

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Good guess! My office is less than 10 minutes away from PuraGolf and I visit them several times a week after work just to talk shop. Known them for many years, and don't go to anyone else unless they don't carry what I want. However, as with many shops in HK, they don't (can't) keep much stock on hand because of space limitations, so I often have to wait for stuff to be ordered in. This suits them fine as they are more of a "club maker" rather than "retail" shop. I used to go to Golf Corner (, but they're not as convenient as PuraGolf, and I got a bit annoyed with one of their staff the last time I visited, so I don't go anymore. For accessories, I go to Golf Town (, which I guess is the Hong Kong equivalent of a "big box store", where they have a ton of big name stock (US & JDM), and lots of JDM balls. I ogle at the Piretti and Gold's Factory putters when I'm there.

Pura and Golf Corner are the only JDMs I would recommend in HK. Golf Corner used to be better when they were on Russell Street. One of their staff (Ray) is a fantastic guy.... I just deal with him (refuse to deal with the others there).

My Buddy Golf Pro used to teach at Pura... now he is in Japan...


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