Author Topic: JDM Clubhouse Gear Vendors Subforum, Please Read!  (Read 1446 times)


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JDM Clubhouse Gear Vendors Subforum, Please Read!
« on: July 01, 2016, 12:17:42 PM »
This subforum is for members with access to new gear who would like to offer it to other members. The intent is that this will offer members new avenues to new equipment at fair pricing and reasonable shipping charges.

 In accordance with our no retail sales policy, new threads will be locked and all inquiries and negotiations must take place via private message or email. JDM Clubhouse assumes no liability for the claims of vendors and will be held harmless in the event of any disputes.

Please make a new post in this forum introducing yourself, where you are located, as well as what you have to offer. This is for NEW RETAIL equipment only. All used/preowned items must be sold in the standard BST.

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