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Hello from Sacto

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Thanks for the nice welcome and the words of encouragement. Regarding blades, I actually started with "forgiving" clubs. The first set of clubs I paid full retail for were Mizuno MX300. Felt good, nice results, couldn't stand looking down at them. The ONLY cavity back I've ever been able to look down at is the original Adams Idea Pro. In the end I could really care less about my score. The feeling when I flush one is worth all the ones I don't. I HAVE to like looking down at what I've got. It gives me confidence. I appreciate your advice though. Thank you.

Welcome along...

I agree, play what you like to look at. Balls to the score!

Welcome! I'm in the camp that says play what you like to look at!

Played Brookside Country Club in Stockton today, first time at that course. Fun track. My bag for today was:
Wishon 919 driver
Ping Anser 20 hybrid
'93 Hogan Apex 4-9 irons
Scratch 8620 58*
Never Compromise Milled #4 putter


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