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Hey all,
Happy to have found this site. I regularly drool over the JDM stuff. I LOVE blades!!! Here's what I currently have:
Adams MB2
Wishon 550M
'93 Ben Hogan Apex
'68 Ben Hogan Bounce Sole Plus 1

I broke 80 last summer for the first time, was able to do it a few times. My swing is so bad that I decided to change for a better long term game. It's been a long process, but I'm committed. Scores got up into the high 90's for a bit but have brought it back to the mid 80's, close to getting back into the 70's.
I started looking at JDM gear when I saw a picture of some Gauge Design MB irons, milling and all. If you have some you want to sell me let me know. I have NOT made a JDM purchase yet, yet... but I'm close.

wow the 68 Bounce soles
I am a big fan of the old Hogans

Keep plugging prema, it's a never ending cycle.  I started golf late in life as well, can identify.  On the other side of some changes myself and it was all worth it.  That said, at your level I really can't stress enough that blades are no good for you.  I used to be a 7 hcp, then a sorta playing down in that 7 range but carrying a 10 (trend is not good for my tournament prospects)...I have dabbled with quite a few sets of blades and forged players cb's and while the good rounds are still good with those clubs, the poor ball striking rounds are punished.  Since I put the 703s in the bag I break 80 more than 50% of the time and for me that's good golf and more importantly fun golf!


If you're referring to the GD MB1, that's the best from them IMO.  Soft and very forgiving for a blade.

Welcome!  Don't listen to Harry's hogwash. ;D  If you love blades, keep playing them. They're the ultimate game improvement club in my book.  An old 2i can substitute for a lot of money spent on lessons.  Can't bring myself to play a CB - the trailing edge of a long iron is a sight I've long hated.

Anyway, I've got a bunch.  Always feel free to reach out with thoughts/questions.


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