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I just found out about this place now????

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Wow I canít believe this place existed for 3 years without my knowledge!
Iím on the other site as well under Mr.HaHa so some of you may recognize my handle.

Anyways, I am located in cold Boston, Ma but get out sunny Hawaii once or twice a year. Iíve been a JDM  ho, excluding putters (Machine) for 3+ years and have ZERO urge to go back to USDM.
Iím a 4 hdcp from 7k yards but anything beyond 7k gets a little dicey for me. I played competitively in college but as I get older and as my wife and I are expecting our first child, golf will take a little bit of a backseat for some time.

Thus, I am on the hunt for super players CB irons. I have played the original AF Tours 3-pw for 5 years and couldnít be happier. However, I am quite confident that I will need CBs at some point.
Glad this place is around and itís nice to see T back in the mix.

Hi and welcome

Welcome along!

Hi J
Welcome nice to see a fellow MA JDM fan on this site.



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