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Hi guys

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New here. 

About myself, I love golf, I love blades, I am a fabricator by trade, I got back into golf after about 5 years off, I found all the clubs to be gross and cheap for the most part at big box stores.  I broke 80 for first time since playing again with my mp14s and wanted to treat myself to new clubs.  After seeing what the big box had I turned to the Internet and a few sets of trial later ended up with what I currently cannot get out of the bag, Miura small blades.  I have ho'ed a bunch of sets for fun and pretty much i found and love Jdm golf clubs because their is literally zero product for someone like me domestically and I think it is a shame, but thanks to the Internet, screw the pga superstore, I found Jdm golf gear and am not going back.

So that is me and my take as short as possible.  Thanks for having me.

Welcome aboard!

Glad you're hear, I think I've read some of your posts on wrx (unless there's another big mean there).  Welcome to the nest.  You owe Matt $5.

Welcome on board!

welcome bigmean...
I think I PM'ed you few times long time ago at WRX  :)


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