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Hello everyone

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I've just realised that although I've been a member a few years and made the odd post, I've never introduced myself and have dipped in and out rather than contribute to the community - hopefully I can be a better member from now on!

I first heard of you guys when selling a set of irons to a charming French guy in London who told me about this forum. Since then Dale off this forum has very kindly sourced me some copper Epons.

I first got into JDM through putters. I heard about this mysterious Yamada putter and in my constant quest to buy a game I managed to get hold of one through eBay. I loved the craftsmanship and I was hooked on the JDM thing. It's the same to me with watches and other luxury goods - I like things produced by artisans with a back story.
I know they aren't strictly JDM but I now use Miura CB57s. I have a set of OnOff Kuros on the way just..because. I currently have custom made Wishon woods which I spent a ton on and can't stand. The look is boring and I don't hit them well either.
I've ordered a bunch of old PRGR Egg fairways from  Rakuten as they intrigue me and were cheap. I'm also toying with ordering a JBeam blackout driver...I've read that many here prefer the 535 but I'm a sucker for looks and I genuinely think that I hit better looking clubs better :)
Anyway, nice to meet you all

Hi, and have a belated welcome on me  :o

The original egg woods I thought were distance monsters, albeit with an unusual sound(which I liked), but the 2 or 3 iterations after were hooking shit for me! Haven't tried the latest gear though.

Welcome along

Welcome to the jungle

good to see you and welcome  :)


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