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My name is Tom Clendening.  I'm 61 years old and have been playing for 50 years.  I played in high school and college and caddied on both the PGA and LPGA Tours as a young fellow.  I've got Golfer's cancer, Metastatic Melanoma, that I've survived for twenty years (four years metastasized to the Alveolar nerve in my jaw moving into the base of my skull).  I was treated with Keytruda, the latest Immunotherapy (the one that Jimmy Carter was treated with) that may have slowed down its progress.  In the meantime though, it killed my Endocrine system, which has made golf a little tougher to manage when I have the regular Grand fatigue.  I'm still hitting lots of balls, and getting in nine holes a couple of times a week at my club.  I was a member at The Olympic Club in San Francisco for many years, then Roundhill CC in Alamo (east of Berkeley) for a while, took 14 years off to raise a child, and now I'm back at it at the Crow Canyon Country Club in Danville, CA..  It's a really nice little club that gets a ton of play but it's perfectly challenging for my present game.

I play Japanese clubs whenever possible.  I currently play a set of JDM Srixon Z745s 5-PW along with a very similar set of Mizuno MP-25s.  I'd rather play the Srixons because; I believe they fit me better, they're a better quality club (JDM), they feel better, they're better looking (by far), and I simply can't stand the idea that Mizuno trimmed the cavity back of the MP-25 with a plastic trim piece....drives me crazy. 

I also play with my mint vintage irons as often as I can.  I've got two sets of vintage US blades; 1971 Haig Ultras and 1962 Dunlop Maxflis.  I love both sets and, if I had the energy to play every day, they'd get a lot more attention.  I play to a 6 handicap even though my distance has suffered greatly with my illness and subsequent loss of strength.  Sometimes I can really shoot a high one though, given that I'm hitting hybrid into lots of holes instead of 7 irons like before.

welcome srixonman  :)

Welcome along

Welcome.  Good to see your spirit!

Welcome and thanks for sharing your story.


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