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Lots of new members?

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Is it me, or are there a lot of new members lately?  And I'm not talking about the ones that cropped up the last couple days trying to get us to improve our writing skills. 😉  It just seems like I'm noticing a lot more names in the who's online section.

New members, don't be shy about posting thoughts and questions. It'll give Art and Free the opportunity to give you a proper welcome with a smite! 😬  In fact, maybe any new members who post an introduction should be welcomed with smites.

Agree, K. Lots of new members joining lately, not just Russian spam bots peddling knockoff handbags and ED remedies. 😁

Agree , it's good to see new names on here...

All good

Are those Russian spam bots?  I can't tell the difference between those and wrx trolls...

I think the Spam Bots are more intelligent!


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