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Hi everyone

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Hello guys,

I have actually been posting on this forum but have not given a proper introduction about myself.

Picked up golf a year ago. I have always love sports and been active since young. Due to injury from rugby, I don't have much sports to turn to and decided to try golf. Turns out, it became the most challenging sports yet. Currently my score range from 18-24 depending on the course I play (mostly aiming to play below 100 at every new course I play). Getting a lot of golf lessons to try to get to single figure asap. Weakest part of golf is putting.

Currently living between the UK, HK and SG. Have a passion for JDM products and looking forward to learn more from you guys.

Cheers  8)

Hello and welcome.
Great to see someone else from the UK.
Enjoy :)

Welcome along


cheers lads!


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