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After some fine tuning this is my current bag. Nothing fancy - kept it simple with some good old jdm clubs.

D: Epon AF-152 (10.5) Motore Speeder VC6.2 (44.75"): keeping it on the fairway simply makes more fun...

FW: --- (they hate me/I hate them)

UT: onoff type-s 2013 (21/24) NS Pro 850: sets up like an iron - plays like an iron - launches not too high. For me the best ut   I tried so far.

I: onoff forged 2011 (5-P) NS Pro 950: guess no further comment needed

P: onoff labospec CB-247W (48/52/58) NS Pro 950: already posted in another wedge thread. Perfect balance.

P: SC Futura X5 (33"). Keep getting good results  with it.

Bag: onoff. Like the understated look with black on black logo stiching.
Size is compact but you still get a lot of stuff in it.

Pic of the bag

Nice looking setup there.. Well done.

Beautiful clubs! I always liked OnOff and am in the process of shafting up some Kuros. My friend is bringing back the heads from Dallas this weekend, but at the moment no one knows where his suitcases or golf bag is !!
I had an orange OnOff bag and it didn't last very long. It faded in the sun and eventually came apart when the storage room at the pro shop was flooded and got soaked. But I love the look of your black one and am sure that will look awesome for a long time....

Great set up.


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