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Adding a Tenso address to Rakuten account for freight forwarding

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As it has been discussed a few times previously, the world of JDM products is expansive and can be best discovered using a freight forwarder like Tenso that is associated with Rakuten.  There is a plethora of shops that will ship internationally, but even some of those shops are restricted to the products that they can ship outside of Japan.  For those instances, where it is not available as an internationally shipped item using the freight forwarder gives you a Japan address who will then ship internationally to you, in the case of multiple products from different shops, they will also consolidate multiple domestic packages into a single international shipment.

Given the recent addition of a Japanese Consumption tax, I believe ~8%, it is worth noting that the domestic nature of the shipment to your Tenso address could trigger the requirement of paying the tax.  Whereas a direct international shipment would not.

You can use Tenso for receiving any package you wish, provided there is no COD requirement.  It is effectively like a PO Box.  What they don't do is serve as an intermediary for payment and communication like Buyee or Aleado or other buying services.

Personally, I use Tenso for any online shopping where I do not have any need for help throughout the transaction.  An online marketplace like Rak or Amazon, etc...  But when you get into having to pay using something other than Paypal or a Credit Card, or other communications might be required I would opt for a buying service...

This is not an endorsement of any particular company, just an example of one option...  Also all names and address are fake so please do not try them at home...

1) Sign up for Rakuten, you're on your own...

2) Sign up for Tenso.  You will need to provide a passport or other govt photo issued ID and the first shipment from them must go to the address on the ID and it must match the address on your account.  After the first shipment, you can send packages anywhere...
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3) You should receive an email that reads something like this...
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4) Go into Rakuten and update your "User Contact Information"
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5) Edit your information for "in Japan" using the address front the Tenso confirmation.  I use Translate.Google.Com to convert from the Japanese characters to English.  Also, the only difference between this address and my personal one is the Tenso ID that you see in parentheses next to the name in the email and repeated in the "Rest of address" dialog in Rakuten below
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6) When searching for products by setting the destination to Japan you will see more selection and in some cases lower prices including some used items.  The used items are identical to YAJ and are slightly more expensive than on YAJ but you are not paying the 10%+ buying fee, only the shipping and handling...
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This is a great guide S! 

Great stuff!  Thanks for sharing S!

Excellent Guide

I have used Tenso a few times with no complaints.


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