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Welcome to JDM Clubhouse! NEW USERS PLEASE READ!!!

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--To prevent spam, we have a policy of having new members complete one verification on their first post.  This will only be for your first post, so don't think it will always happen.  I wish we didn't have to do this, but it makes it much more difficult for spam bots to gain access to the forums.  This has caused a bit of confusion so I wanted to clear that up here. 

--If you have problems with logging in, password recovery or reset, or anything else, please email me at

--We are open to suggestions and ideas as the board grows and develops, feel free to chime in here in this thread if you have some.

--We welcome honest appraisals and reviews of all JDM equipment, so don't feel as though you have to tiptoe through the tulips to avoid offending anyone here.  Users should view criticism towards products they enjoy just as they would view praise:  It is just one person's opinion.  If we all liked the same stuff it wouldn't make for much discussion.

--We have a strong active base of members, but we would love for more participation from others that frequently read the board.  In a brief review, ~95% of our members have been active on the board within 5 days, yet a large percentage of those haven't posted.  The discussion will be more enlightening and lively once we get some of you guys going. 

Thanks for joining JDM Clubhouse:  For JDM enthusiasts, by JDM enthusiasts.  Have fun!

Nice Matt! Can't wait

good job....  love the format of  this  site its like the watch forums

Thanks for the effort Matt, letīs make this site a better place.   ;)

Start getting some cool guys invited...try and help get things rolling so the community can thrive. 


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