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This is the current bag in play.  A 9.5 inch Zeal cart bag with 6 compartment separators….not the best but does the job. The polyurethane material is easy to clean (if I bothered) and durable.

Other bags for now are an Oakley stand bag and a WinWin Style Lion cart bag.

Comes with matching headcovers for the ladies…. well save for the Kasco. 

Bare naked ladies….

Modart MA01A with Muziik Bangvoo Premium.  I swear, this is the best feeling and sounding combo by far and that includes my Epon Technity 460 Forged and AF101.  It’s also consistently my longest combo now even to my 435 which I have been a great fan of.  Not 20 yards longer but 5-10 on average yes.  Really happy I got this.  Back up is a Maxima Type D with a TRPX Messenger 1st shaft which will be replaced with a Muziik Dogatti Six shaft.  May get a GP head just for kicks. as well.

Kasco Power Tornado 7 33 16* with Fujikura MCH 70.  The V sole is great for uneven lies. Being a 16*, it takes some focus but is forgiving enough.  That said, am thinking of getting a GP Platinum Utility 17* as a possible replacement.

Ryoma U21.  Believe what Ryoma says about this being longer loft for loft than other brands.  This kicked my Kasco PT7 out of the bag… the Kasco is a 19*!  Ryoma U21 is also a lot more forgiving but a tad more closed face than the Kasco PT7 44 19*.  This has the Fujikura MCH 70 as well.  A great affordable UT shaft.

Buchi MT202s are the irons in the bag for now.  I had these for sale but after the round today, I think I should give it more time.  Feel is in between the Epon and Miura but closer to Miura.  Has a thuddish solid feel on sweet hits.  Although a cavity (looks more like a bloody blade to me) , its more demanding than my back-up Endo forged Yonex Ezone CBs.  Seems to spin more as well. Has the Fujikura MCI 70 like in the Yonex.

Crazy Proto wedges that have been pimped with ported holes and a bad ass face are really near indispensible for me.  These have the Crazy Tour 110 wedge shafts made for them by Shimada.  Back ups are my DWD wedges with similar Shimada NW 110 shafts.

Putter… for now its my GF Tuned GS Mono 3.  Putters are on a weekly rotation with my others being Epon i-33, a Machine M2A carbon steel/copper converter, a Slighter SUS 303 with Rife Tour Mill and a Xenon SUS 303 Model 84X.  I’ve a Nead Damascus Mokume on the way in and have just ordered a Low Tide SUS 303 FIN.

For FreeHB and Maximus…..

Love the bag. Always need some bling on the course :)

damn... that Ryoma UTE is quickly gaining popularity. Need to hit mine finally to see if it is really that good.
Nice bag


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