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Re: NEW....,mizuno golf shoes
« Reply #15 on: July 08, 2013, 03:39:10 AM »
when u live here............  golf isnt  at yr fngertips. a dayat golf involves a 615  cab to the station.  90 mins on train 20 mins on bus/taxi  to course. 3hr per 9 holes 50-80 mins lunch break  same for back nine. same for trip home on chu hi express.  a  "game of golf " here is  usually 12 hours. minimum. form go to woe.
so when the  range presents itself , which it doesnt do very often...... u take advantage of it.
my range has 30 bays  hitting 350 yards. 2  chipping greens hitting 50 -102  yards and a  putting green  on note. so if i dont get t oplay every weeekend, which is HIGHLY likely............ ill go to the range  and  get busy.
normally 5 hours and i cant feel my arms any longer.
when u live i na city oif 38 millin people..................... things get expensive , crowded and VERY selective. if..... a range session pressnts itself. i take it open arms , rain hail  shine. and hit balls.
bec the other option is satying put in a house , thsi size of which, most of u guys wud call a spare room.
u get to enjoy the little things a lot mroe  when its crowded.
come over  and have agame.  its pretty intersting here.

and i played these 3 times in sydney up a mother of a hill at my home track.
well... they stil lneed brealking in. but the stability is awsome  comfort.................. bahhhhhhhhhhhhhh still not great.
and they dont , look THAT rediuslous actually on ya feet.
 they do  on a shelf i gotta say.

im liking em. butthe ducas and the trues  are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much nicer to walk in.
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Re: NEW....,mizuno golf shoes
« Reply #16 on: July 08, 2013, 07:04:38 AM »
If you see me wearing shoes like those you have my permission to hit me across the head with your 7 iron.

thank you crow, they are hideous, Ian and mb....what are you guys thinking, I'd be calling you Captain Kirk all day if u showed up for a round with me wearing those...that said, I would wear C3PO boots if they're the most comfortable available

stew, what do you do on the range for 7 hours?

What can I say, I like weird shit........... :)